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  • Selections from the Prison Notebooks

    1/1/08 - Gramsci, Antonio
  • Selections from the Prison Notebooks. Ed. and trans.

    1/1/71 - Gramsci, Antonio. , Quintin Hoare and Geoffrey Nowell Smith
  • TASH Connections


    Table of Content 2003 TASH executive board Adaption to cognitive Therapies for people with post traumatic stress disorder Building Partnerships for the protectionof people with disabilities TASH Selected as advisory Panel mamber to U.N. study on voilence against children Communities against voilence network

  • Teaching Exceptional Children


    Giving students a voice in selecting arithmetical context Successful Inquiring in inclusive science classrooms Light ,cameras,Action! Computer cued activity schedules

  • The Call: The Importance of Research on African American Issues in Mathematics and Science Education

    1/1/05 - Moses-Snipes, Pamela R., Snipes, Vincent T.

    The article reflects on the challenges posed to researchers to close the achievement gap between African American students and their white counterparts in mathematics and science education. It cited several issues that need to be addressed and solved to be able to uplift and motivate African American students to strive, achieve excellence and pursue careers in the mathematics and sciences. The issues cited are historical awareness of the education of African Americans, teacher expectations...

  • The Condition of Urban School Finance: Efficient Resource Allocation in Urban Schools (Selected Papers in School Finance)

    1/1/96 - Ballou, D.
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    The Nation's Report Card: Reading 2009

    1/31/10 - National Center for Education Statistics,

    "This report presents results of the 2009 National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) in reading at grades 4 and 8. Results for students in the nation, the 50 states, the District of Columbia, and Department of Defense schools are reported as average scores and as percentages of students performing at or above three achievement levels: Basic, Proficient, and Advanced. Scores are also reported at selected percentiles, showing changes in the performance of lower-, middle-, and...

  • Using the Critical Thinking Belief Appraisal to assess the rigor gap

    1/1/08 - Torff, Bruce

    In a line of research employing a survey instrument, the Critical Thinking Belief Appraisal, teachers supported critical-thinking (CT) activities more for high-than low-advantage learners, likely exacerbating a "rigor gap" implicated in persistent achievement gaps. Such beliefs were less likely to be espoused by expert teachers than randomly selected ones, and teacher-education programs mitigated these beliefs but did not expunge them, suggesting a need for interventions that foster belief...

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    Working Dads: Final Report of the Fathers at Work Initiative

    1/23/09 - Shayne Spaulding, Jean Baldwin Grossman, Dee Wallace

    "During the past several decades, many efforts have focused on the crisis that lies at the intersection of proliferating single-parent households, absent fathers and poverty. In 2001, the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation launched Fathers at Work to test approaches for helping young low-income noncustodial fathers provide for themselves and their children; the project was designed to inform practitioners and policymakers about effective interventions for this population. Six community-based...

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