Report: Improving Reading Comprehension in Kindergarten Through 3rd Grade



INSTRUCTION, literacy, TEACHERS, LEADERSHIP, systemic change, SCHOOLS, elementary, REFORM, school improvement


SCHOOL:Design and Use of Time and Space


Shanahan, T., Callison, K., Carriere, C., Duke, N. K., Pearson, P. D., Schatschneider, C., &; Torgesen, J.


2010, 01/28/2011


National Center for Education Evaluation and Regional Assistance, Institute of Education Sciences


The fundamental assumption in this guide is that the objective of reading instruction is to give young readers the tools they need to understand increasingly sophisticated material in all subjects from elementary through later years of school. The practices recommended in this guide are therefore not an end in themselves, but the means to developing sound ability in reading comprehension. With this principle in mind, teachers should prepare their reading lessons in a way that encourages students to use the tools to enhance comprehension adeptly and independently as they read. The examples in the guide should not, however, be construed as either the only or the most effective ways to put each recommendation into practice. They are intended to illustrate practices that have been used successfully to teach reading comprehension.


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