Report: What we mean by “family and community connections with schools?”



PRINCIPALS, SCHOOLS, FAMILIES, family partnerships, EQUITY, participation, culturally and linguistically diverse


SCHOOL::Community Connections and Partnerships


National Center for Family & Community Connections


2003, 08/2003


The Family School Linkages (FSL) Project of the National Institute for Urban School, now the Equity Alliance at ASU, worked with schools and families to think about and improve relationships between schools and all the families of their students. A growing number of studies show that when family members talk to their children about schooling, participate with school personnel, and support their children’s efforts, the students achieve more, attend more regularly, and are more motivated and engaged as learners. This Did You Know? shares that as we create partnerships and programs, it is important to understand what kinds of connections make what kinds of impact. Then we can be deliberate about making connections that will support the specific results we want to achieve.


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