Report: Family and Community Engagement Survey


Families: Family partnerships, Families leadership


Rodriguez, R.G., Villarreal, A., Cortez, J.D.




Intercultural Development Research Association


Families can have an important, positive impact on the school’s ability to deliver quality edu-
cation when they are valued, their contributions are sought and integrated into the school
decision making, and collaboratively plan and deliver services aimed at higher student achieve-
ment. Families represent a valuable resource that should be factored into the educational
equation. A dialogue between families and educators should be established to arrive at a
shared accountability approach with a focus on academic achievement of children. A chal-
lenge of the school is to design family involvement that fosters a partnership with one central
goal in mind – that of high academic achievement. Students should be able to graduate and
be prepared to exercise their options of a college education or the workplace.
This Family and Community Engagement Survey can be used with communities and families
to assess a school’s effectiveness in partnering with families and in planning for the future.
The survey can be used by teachers, administrators and parents. Each group can then com-
pare their findings and work together to create more effective partnerships that focus on
student success.


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