Report: Generating Teaching Effectiveness: The Role of Job-Embedded Professional Learning in Teacher Evalution


Teachers: Community of Practice, Professional learning/Professional Development


Coggshall, J.G., Rasmussen, C., Colton, A., Milton, J. & Jacques, C.; U.S. Department of Education




National Comprehensive Center for Teacher Quality


State and district leaders across the country are working intensely to respond to legislation calling for revised teacher evaluation systems that incorporate multiple measures of student learning and teacher practice. Whether through strengthened accountability or more formative support, the primary goal of this work is the continuous improvement of teaching and learning. To meet this goal, teacher evaluation systems need to be designed and implemented with teacher learning and development at their core, rather than appended later as an afterthought. Professional development is regularly associated with the “results” of evaluation, instead of recognized as an integral part of the evaluation process itself. Thus, the power of evaluation to generate greater teaching effectiveness is severely diminished.


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