Report: Top Tips for State Dispute Resoultion System Managers





STATE:inquiry on equity in schooling


Center for Appropriate Dispute Resolution in Special Education,


2009, 12/16/2009


"Following an extensive review, CADRE identified four States with exemplary
dispute resolution systems that provide effective processes for written complaints, mediation, due process hearings, and alternate dispute resolution. In September 2009, CADRE brought together representatives from each of these States. Dee Ann Wilson of Iowa, Jo Anne Pool Blades of Oklahoma, Kerry Smith of Pennsylvania, and Jack Marker of Wisconsin convened in Eugene, Oregon for a dynamic exchange of ideas and information regarding their dispute resolution systems. CADRE is now analyzing these systems to identify what contributes to their success. Ultimately, we will develop resources that will be useful to other States that are engaged in improvement efforts. A discussion during the September meeting resulted in a list of “Top Tips” that these four leaders believe would be of value to other State dispute resolution system managers. Here’s what they came up with"


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