Report: Final report: How district-wide systems change impacted LRE for students with severe disabilities



LEADERSHIP, systemic change, INSTRUCTION, universal designs for learning, assessment, progress monitoring, universal screening, student centered planning, TEACHERS, PRINCIPALS, FAMILIES, family leadership, family partnerships, STUDENTS, culturally and linguistically diverse, identified with disabilities, english language learners, struggling learners, CULTURE, culturally responsive, EARLY INTERVENING, PROFESSIONAL LEARNING, EQUITY, disproportionality, access, participation, SCHOOLS, urban schools, EDUCATION, special education, inclusive education, REFORM, school improvement, accountability, data driven


FEDERAL:equitable resources development and distribution, STATE:equitable resources development and distribution, STATE:inquiry on equity in schooling, STATE:inclusive leadership for equity and accountability, DISTRICT:equitable resources development and distribution, DISTRICT:inclusive leadership for equity and outcomes, DISTRICT:culture of renewal and improvement


Kozeski, Elizabeth B.; Sullivan, Amanda L.; Equity Alliance at ASU


2010, 3/23/2010


National Institute for Urban School Improvement


"This final report chronicles the outcomes of the second generation National Institute for Urban School Improvement (NIUSI), Award Number # H326B020002. Built on the previous five years of innovative work from 1997-2002 (a $5 million award), NIUSI’s second round of funding ($3.5 million) produced important results that offer a district-wide blueprint for the design and delivery of least restrictive environments and access to the general education curriculum for students with disabilities with significant support needs."


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