Report: Health in childhood and adolescence and high school dropout



EDUCATION, secondary education, BEHAVIOR INTERVENTION, dropout prevention, STUDENTS, EQUITY, outcomes


SCHOOL:governance and leadership for equity, DISTRICT:inclusive leadership for equity and accountability


Joshua Breslau


2010, 4/23/2010


California Dropout Research Project


"There is ample evidence that poor health in childhood and adolescence is associated with higher risk of dropping out of high school. This association is suggestive of a causal effect of health problems on dropout and a potential role for health interventions to reduce the proportion of high school students who drop out. Interventions with such a dual benefit—improving health while decreasing dropout—would be important policy priorities. With the goal of identifying strategic priorities in the development of health interventions to reduce dropout, this review examines research on the effect of specific health conditions on dropout and evidence that existing intervention programs that target these health conditions are effective in reducing dropout rates. The review examines physical and mental disorders as well as two other conditions, pregnancy and obesity, that, while not disorders, may benefit from medical intervention. For each condition we examine the hypothesized pathways through which education may be affected and provide a balanced evaluation of existing evidence from observational and intervention studies of the potential positive effect of interventions on dropout."


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