Report: The MILE Guide Milestones for Improving Learning and Education


Reform: School improvement


Box, J., Burkhardt, G., Fadel, C., Hurley, K., Trilling, B., and Wilson, J. ; Partnership for 21st Century Skills




The MILE Guide helps districts determine where they are on the spectrum of 21st century skills integration and then use that information to plan a path for future work that brings 21st century skills in their systems of learning. No 21st century skills implementation can be successful without developing core academic subject knowledge and understanding among all students. Students who can think critically and communicate effectively must build on a base of core academic subject knowledge. For this reason, core academic subjects are a bedrock component of the MILE Guide Self-Assessment tool. All 21st century skills can and should be taught in the context of core academic subjects. While the vision for 21st century skills integration relies upon student mastery of the core subjects, the MILE Guide also encourages each school district to ask the following questions: Are your students: Critical thinkers? Problem Sovlers? Good communicators? Good collaborators? Information and technology literate? Flexible and adaptable? Innovative and creative? Globally competent? Environmentally literate?


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