Report: Up to the Challenge: The Role of Career and Technical education and 21 century Skills in college and career readiness


Reform: School improvement


Partnership for 21st Century Skills




Partnership for 21 Century Skills


College and career readiness is the new direction
for K–12 education. Preparing students to transition
prepared for college and
without remediation to postsecondary education or to
careers. Integrating 21st
careers that pay a living wage, or both, is the ultimate
century skills and career and aim of federal and state education policies, initiatives
technical education into the and funding.
entire education system can
Very few K–12 schools can meet this goal for
make this a reality. all students today. Most schools have neither
the expectations nor the measures, neither the
instructional programs nor the learning environments,
to equip students with the knowledge and skills they
need to compete and succeed in a global economy.
This is all too evident in numerous and varied
indicators, including increasing international
competitiveness (both economic and educational);
a lack of qualiied workers and a skills imperative
from employers; mediocre student performance, an
achievement gap and a dropout crisis in K–12 schools;
and a proliferation of remediation in higher education.
The focus for student readiness, however, is primarily
on academic knowledge—and not yet on the academic
skills or the employability and technical knowledge
and skills that are equally valued in a creative,
innovative society.


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