Journal Article: Gender Disparity in Science Education: The Causes, Consequences, and Solutions


Education, Sex discrimination in education, Science/Teaching methods, Sex equity in education


Tindall, Tiffany; Hamil, Burnette


2004, Winter


Title IX of the 1972 Education Amendments prohibits sex discrimination in schools. However, research conducted since this time has consistently revealed that gender discrimination in schools remains, especially in the areas of science and mathematics. Girls are not receiving the same quality, or even quantity, of education as their male classmates. Over the past 20 years, a large body of international scholarly literature has developed to address gender disparity in science and science education. The causes, continued presence of the problem, the consequences of gender disparity, and suggestions for reducing the gender gap, are well documented in the literature. Still lacking in research are attempts to combine several promising strategies simultaneously for the purpose of discovering long-term solutions to this problem. Reprinted by permission of the publisher.


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