Report: Investigating the Links to Improved Student Learning: Final report of Research Findings



REFORM, systemic change, school improvement, data driven, LEADERSHIP, systemic change


STATE:inquiry of equity in schooling


Louis, Karen Seashore, Leithwood, Kenneth, Wahlstrom, Kyla L., Anderson, Stephen E.


2010, 7/21/2010


The University of Minnesota


Education is widely held to be crucial for the survival and success of individualsand countries in the emerging global environment. U.S. politicians of all stripes have placed education at the center of their political platforms, and education has been at the center of many European and Asian policy agendas. Comparable agreement is also
evident about the contributions of leadership to the implementation of virtually all initiatives aimed at improving student learning and the quality of schools. It is therefore
difficult to imagine a focus for research with greater social justification than research about successful educational leadership. That was the broad focus for this six-year study funded by the Wallace Foundation: to identify the nature of successful educational leadership and to better understand how such leadership can improve educational practices and student learning.


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