Journal Article: Beginning Reading Instruction in Urban Schools: The Curriculum Gap Ensures a Continuing Achievement Gap


Education, Reading/Teaching/Urban schools, Reading/Teaching methods/Evaluation, Reading/Teaching/Primary grades


Teale, William H.; Paciga, Kathleen A.; Hoffman, Jessica L.


2008, December 2007/January


Although Reading First (RF) is having positive effects on early literacy achievement, it is resulting in a curriculum gap. RF, which has received more than $4 billion to improve reading instruction in the primary grades since 2002, is based on phonological awareness, phonics, vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension, five indispensable components of a quality beginning reading program. However, as legislation becomes classroom practice, there have been comprehension instruction gaps, gaps in instruction focused on developing children's knowledge of the world in general and of core concepts in content domains, and writing instruction gaps. Suggestions for remedying the problem are provided.


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