Journal Article: The Mathematics Education of African Americans in North Carolina: From The Brown Decision to No Child Left Behind


MATHEMATICS -- Study & teaching, AFRICAN American high school students, AFRICAN Americans, EDUCATION -- United States, EDUCATION & state, CASE method, CONSULTANTS, EDUCATION (Secondary), RACISM in education


Snipes, Vincent T.; Waters, Roderick D.




Negro Educational Review, Inc.


The article presents a study which aim is to report on an in-depth case study of a former state mathematics consultant to describe his experiences of the mathematics education of African Americans in public high schools in North Carolina from 1950-1980 and to examine North Carolina African American students' progress in mathematics from the Brown versus the Board of Education Decision to the No Child Left Behind Act Era. The data are analyzed utilizing the critical race theory of education perspective. An achievement gap has been in existence between African American students and white students in mathematics for several years now.


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