Journal Article: Reducing the Gap: Success for All and the Achievement of African American Students


Education, Student achievements, Race differences, Success for All (Program)


Slavin, Robert E.; Madden, Nancy A.


2006, Summer


Part of a special issue on research and its impact on educational policy and practice. A study evaluated the efficacy of using the Success for All (SFA) program with African-American students. Data were obtained from over 40 studies. The results indicate that there are two mechanisms by which SFA might reduce the achievement gap. First, the clear, powerful, and widely replicated effects of the program imply that if SFA were disproportionally applied to schools serving many African-American students, students in these schools would close the gap with other students. Second, there is some evidence that suggests SFA may have a differential effect on student achievement in which it affects African-American student performance more than that of white students. It is concluded that if programs like SFA were widely applied to Title I schools, it seems likely that the average reading performance of a number of children would advance and the gap between African-American and white students would be significantly reduced.


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