Journal Article: Relative importance of social deprivation, intelligence, punctuality, and ethnicity in predicting educational achievement


Academic Achievement Prediction, Disadvantaged, Intelligence, Junior High School Students, Caste System, School Attendance


Singh, Shailendra; Sinha, Arvind K.


1986, Sep


Studied the relative influence of social deprivation, intelligence, punctuality, and caste on academic achievement of 150 male Indian 8th graders from scheduled and nonscheduled castes. All variables were significantly and positively correlated among themselves. Social advantage was related to achievement directly, as well as through its association with intelligence. Social deprivation was a more potent predictor of achievement, punctuality, and intelligence than was ethnicity (caste status). Results suggest that experiential enrichment strategies may help bridge the gap in educational achievement between deprived and advantaged individuals irrespective of their ethnicity. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2009 APA )


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