Journal Article: Bridging the Acculturation Gap: Parent-Child Relationship Quality as a Moderator in Mexican American Families


Education, Social Science, Parent-child relationship, Mexican Americans/Acculturation, Mexican Americans/Family relationships


Schofield, Thomas J.; Parke, Ross D.; Kim, Young; Coltrane, Scott


2008, July


The authors examined the degree to which disparities in parent and child acculturation are linked to both family and child adjustment. With a sample of 1st- and 2nd-generation Mexican American children, acculturation and parent-child relationship quality at 5th grade, and parent-child conflict, child internalizing, and child externalizing at 7th grade were measured. Acculturation gaps with fathers were found to be related to later father-child conflict as well as internalizing and externalizing outcomes. Many of the associations between father-child acculturation gaps and outcomes were moderated by the child's report of the relationship quality between the child and his or her father. Father-child acculturation gaps were associated with negative outcomes only when children reported a poor relationship with their fathers. Mother-child acculturation gaps were not associated with mother-child conflict or adjustment indices. Reprinted by permission of the publisher.


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