Journal Article: The impact of racial and ethnic segregation on the achievement gap in California high schools


Academic Achievement, Racial and Ethnic Differences, School, Integration, Asians, Blacks, High School Students, Hispanics, Whites


Rumberger, Russell W.; Willms, J. Douglas


1992, Win


Examined the extent and impact of racial and ethnic segregation in California high schools during the 1988-1989 school year. Using 2 widely used indices of segregation, the extent of segregation was measured in all 784 regular high schools in the state and in all 112 high schools in the 6 largest districts. Segregation was widespread throughout the state, and the extent of segregation varied widely among ethnic groups and among the 6 largest districts. Significant differences were found in achievement levels across school districts and across schools within school districts after adjusting for differences in background characteristics of students. Results suggest that segregation can, but does not always, lead to achievement differences across schools and among ethnic groups. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2008 APA )


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