Journal Article: Race, cultural capital and educational resources: Persistent inequalities and achievement returns


Academic Achievement, Family Background, Racial and Ethnic, Differences, Sociocultural Factors, Blacks, Education, Family, Socioeconomic Level, High School Students, Resource Allocation, Whites


Roscigno, Vincent J.; Ainsworth-Darnell, James W.


1999, Jul


Examined the extent to which Black and White students differ in cultural capital and household educational resources, the mediating role these attributes may play between family background and racial disparities in academic achievement, and whether educational returns vary by racial group. Data were obtained from the National Education Longitudinal Survey (1990) of 16,189 10th graders (83.6% White, 16.4% Black). The findings of a statistical analysis show that significant racial variations in cultural capital and household educational items were largely a function of disparities in family SES, but that these resources had only a small mediating effect on the gap in Black vs White achievement. Black and low-SES students tended to receive less educational return, probably because of micropolitical evaluative processes at the school and classroom levels. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2009 APA )


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