Report: Practices That Support DATA USE in Urban High Schools


School: Urban High Schools


Learning Point Associates




The Center for comprehensive school reform and improvement


This article presents initial findings of a case study focusing on data use in five
low-performing urban high schools undergoing comprehensive schoolwide reform.
The case study investigates: (a) the ways in which disaggregated data can be used to
examine progress and guide improvement in the process of restructuring urban,
low-performing high schools; (b) factors and conditions that either promote or act as
barriers to data use; and (c) the policy and practice implications of achieving effective
data use in a high school reform process. Study findings point to several key factors
that have an impact on data use in the study sites: the quality and accuracy of available
data, staff access to timely data, the capacity for data disaggregation, the collaborative
use of data organized around a clear set of questions, and leadership structures
that support schoolwide use of data. The findings build on current literature and
also contribute new knowledge of the key roles played by a data team and a data
coach in fostering effective data use in high school reform.


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