Journal Article: Does equalization litigation effect a narrowing of the gap of value added achievement outcomes among school districts?


Education, Student achievements/Tennessee, School finance/Tennessee/Suits and claims


Peevely, Gary L.; Ray, John R.


2001, Spring


A study examined the value added student achievement levels of those school districts that were named as litigants in the Tennessee Small School Systems v. McWherter. Data were obtained by analyzing the mean assessment scores achieved in the Tennessee Value Added Assessment System for litigant and non-litigant districts in the areas of reading, math, language, science, and social studies for the years 1994-1997. The results indicate that although the litigant districts with the infusion of new funds have achieved a greater degree of fiscal equity for their revenues and expenditures for educational services, this has not been the case with student achievement gain. This is contrary to the expectation that if the basic litigation was based on sound educational concerns, positive change in test scores should have accrued as a result of increased resources.


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