Journal Article: Help Close the Achievement Gap


Academic Achievement, Intervention


Peebles-Wilkins, Wilma


2005, Oct


Haskins and Rouse (2005) propose high-quality educational interventions that target both the parent and the child. There is an emphasis on collaborating with parents to the maximum degree possible. The authors review a number of highly successful early intervention programs with different approaches and acknowledge that several programs that focus solely on the children also yield successful outcomes. In addition to the more traditional educational interventions, the authors recommend expansion of preschool enrollments in all states and the coordination of these expanded early intervention programs with public school kindergarten programs. Among the additional recommendations are professional development for teachers and third-party program evaluation. These recommendations are designed to increase federal support and expand state programs for early intervention, and the report has the potential for broad adoption. Social workers, however, are not explicitly included in this set of recommendations. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2008 APA )


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