Report: Developing the capacity for scaling up the effective use of evidence-based programs in State Departments of Education



REFORM, school improvement


STATE:equitable resources development and distribution


Fixsen, D. L.; Blase, K.A.; Horner, R.; Sugai, G.


2009, 9/3/2009


University of North Carolina, University of Oregon, University of Conneticut


The significant investment in developing evidence-based practices and other innovations will be “worth it” if it helps further the education of students and benefit their families and communities. The State Implementation and Scaling up of Evidence-based Practices (SISEP) Center helps States establish adequate capacity to carry out effective implementation, organization change, and system transformation strategies to maximize the academic achievement and behavioral health outcomes for students Statewide. Working in close cooperation with State leaders and relevant TA Centers, SISEP provides the critical content and foundation for establishing a technology of large-scale, sustainable, high-fidelity implementation of effective educational practices. As a benchmark, “scaling up” innovations in education means that at least 60% of the students and schools in a State who could benefit from an innovation actually are experiencing that innovation in their education setting.


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