Journal Article: Addressing the Achievement Gap Between Minority and Nonminority Children by Increasing Access to Gifted Programs


Academic Achievement, Elementary School Students, Gifted, Minority, Groups, Special Education, Mathematics Achievement, Mathematics, Education, Middle School Students, Science Education


Olszewski-Kubilius, Paula; Lee, Seon-Young; Ngoi, Mephie; Ngoi, Daphne


2004, Win


Project EXCITE is a collaborative program of a university-based gifted center and local school districts designed to prepare gifted minority elementary and middle school students for advanced tracks in math and science in high school. This paper describes the characteristics and components of the EXCITE program and gives data regarding the academic and school achievement of participating students over the past 3 years. Results showed that most of the students were retained in the program, earned high grades in math and science in school, and performed well on state criterion-referenced tests in math and science. There was a 300% increase of minority children qualifying for an advanced math class in grade 6 after 2 years of involvement in the program. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2008 APA ) (journal abstract)


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