Journal Article: What's on Your Nation's Report Card?


QUESTION-answering systems, MATHEMATICS, PROBLEM solving, CONCEPT learning, REASONING, COMPREHENSION, NATIONAL Assessment of Educational Progress (Project), EDUCATION -- United States, PROBLEMS, exercises, etc., UNITED States


Norton Iii, Anderson H.




The article discusses the mathematics problems used on the U.S.'s National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), also known as the Nation's Report Card. The author focuses on a constructed-response item, designed to reveal students' problem-solving abilities and conceptual understanding, and uses it to illustrate how a different interpretation of students' responses can reveal more about their reasoning and lead to a different assessment. He discusses aspects of student responses that were rated as extended (perfect), satisfactory, partial (partially correct), minimal, and incorrect. He concludes that procedural knowledge seems to take precedence over conceptual understanding, and asks if there is a reasonable way for teachers to avoid doing the same.


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