Journal Article: The 2007 Charles H. Thompson Lecture-Colloquium Presentation: Creating Schools Where Race Does Not Predict Achievement: The Role and Significance of Race in the Racial Achievement Gap


Education, Student achievements, Race differences, Suburban schools, Minority students, Intelligence/Social aspects


Noguera, Pedro A.


2008, Spring


A study investigated the ways in which race is implicated to deal with the achievement gap in U.S. schools. Based on the evaluation of theoretical and historical issues that have framed the association between race and intellectual ability, this analysis provided an explanation of why the effort to close the achievement gap was politically and socially significant. To demonstrate why some schools are making progress in closing the achievement gap while others are not, the efforts of two suburban school districts were examined. Based on these cases, a proposal for a new discourse regarding the role of race in student achievement was made and an explanation was given to clarify how and why race continues to be so controversial and confounding to educators who ensure that all children, regardless of their backgrounds, be given a quality education and the opportunity to experience academic success.


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