Report: Methods for assessing racial/ethnic disproportionality in special education: A technical assistance guide



EQUITY, disproportionality, RESEARCH


PRACTITIONER:inquiry on equity in schooling


Data Accountability Center,; Westat,


2007, 8/5/2009


“Many different methods of calculating disproportionality exist. Each of these methods represents a different way of reporting the same data, and each answers a different question about racial/ethnic representation in special education. This technical assistance guide focuses on two of the more common methods: composition and risk. (The authors) also discuss the risk ratio as a means for comparing risk. This technical assistance guide summarizes how to apply each of these methods to state- and district-level data when assessing racial/ethnic disproportionality. For each method, Westat summarizes the question it answers and provides at least two examples of its use. (They) also include a brief discussion of how to interpret the methods, along with the strengths and limitations of each. The technical assistance guide concludes with a short discussion of some issues states should consider when evaluating racial/ethnic disproportionality.”


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