Report: What does the Research tell us about Teachers Leadership?


Teachers: Professional Learning/Professional Development


York-Barr, J. & Duke, K.




The Center for Comprehensive school reform and improvement


In this age of high accountability, teacher quality is
York-Barr, J., & Duke, K. (2004). What do we know receiving more attention than ever before. Research
about teacher leadership? Findings from two decades that investigates ways to increase teacher quality is
of scholarship. Review of Educational Research 74(3), much needed, making this study a timely addition
255–316. to the literature. Although increases in student
achievement related to teacher quality have yet to be
adequately documented, the research is promising.
The purpose of the research presented in the study
is twofold: (1) to summarize findings through a
The authors of this meta-analysis investigated the comprehensive review of the teacher leadership
concept and practice of teacher leadership in the literature and (2) to develop a conceptual framework
research literature from the past two decades. The based on that summary that can guide both current
literature reviewed includes numerous small-scale, practice and future inquiry about teacher leadership.
qualitative studies that describe dimensions of teacher
leadership practice, teacher leader characteristics, Teacher leadership has been defined in a variety of
and conditions that promote and challenge teacher ways during the past two decades, making distinct


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