Journal Article: A comparison of the academic performance of Black and White freshman students on an urban commuter campus


Academic Achievement, Blacks, College Students, Racial and Ethnic, Differences, Whites, Remedial Education


Mannan, Golam; Charleston, Lillian; Saghafi, Behrooz




Compared the academic performance of 3,279 entering undergraduates at a midwestern commuter university in terms of whether they had been admitted to the regular academic program or to a remedial program. Based on placement test scores, 152 Blacks and 459 Whites had been placed in remedial English and mathematics courses. Findings show that in terms of grade point averages (GPAs), Black students' performance lagged behind that of White students in both regular and remedial programs even when adjustments were made for racial gaps in high school preparation and precollegiate abilities (as determined by Scholastic Aptitude Test scores and placement tests). Implications for educational equity efforts and strategies for reducing the racial gap in academic performance before students enter college are discussed. (7 ref) (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2009 APA )


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