Journal Article: A Closer Look at Black-White Mathematics Gaps: Intersections of Race and SES in NAEP Achievement and Instructional Practices Data


Education, Race differences, Mathematics/Achievements, Student, Black students/Social and economic status, National Assessment of Educational Progress


Lubienski, Sarah Theule


2002, Fall


A study investigated the disparities between white and African-American students' mathematics performance, with attention to interactions between race and socioeconomic status (SES). Data were obtained from the 1990, 1996, and 2000 National Assessment of Educational Progress. Although the results revealed substantial achievement gaps between African-American students and their white counterparts--such as 12th grade African-American students scoring below 8th grade white students--an analysis of race and SES together in the 1996 data revealed that student SES does not account for much of these achievement gaps. The results also found that several instruction-related factors differ by race even after controlling for student SES. It is concluded that despite current reforms promoting high quality mathematics education for all, African-American students of both low and high SES are being left behind.


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