Journal Article: Urban/Rural Disparity and Migrant Children's Education: An Investigation into Schools for Children of Transient Workers in Beijing


Education, Compulsory education/China, Beijing (China)/Education, Children of migrant laborers/Education/China


Lu, Shaoqing; Zhang, Shouli


2004, September/October


Part of a special issue on migrant children's education and migrant children's schools in China. A study examined schools for children of transient workers in Beijing, China. Data were obtained primarily from 114 schools for migrant children in the Beijing municipality; 619 migrant peasant workers in Fengtai, Haidian, and Chaoyang districts; and teachers from these three districts who participated in a training intervention. Findings relate to how migrant children see the residence registration system that results in their differences in status, how they view the temptations of and rejections by urban prosperity, what is on their minds, the conditions of their lives, and the kind of education they obtain. Overall, findings suggest that the educational situation of migrant children mirrors the unequal relationship between China's urban and rural areas and undermines the principle of compulsory, equal, and comprehensive education. Policy proposals designed to address this situation are presented.


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