Journal Article: Brown Plus 50 Counter-Storytelling: A Critical Race Theory Analysis of the "Majoritarian Achievement Gap" Story


Education, Public schools/Desegregation/History, Blacks/Education, Critical race theory, Student achievements, Race differences, Brown v. Board of Education/History


Love, Barbara J.


2004, September


Part of a special issue on the 50th anniversary of the first Brown decision. The writer uses Critical Race Theory to analyze current discussions of the "achievement gap" as the latest incarnation of the "white intellectual superiority/African American intellectual inferiority" notion that is a mainstay of "majoritarian storytelling" in U.S. culture. She employs critical race counter-story to chronicle the historical development and maintenance of the "achievement gap," along with efforts of African Americans to secure access to education and discusses how the 1954 Brown v. Board of Education Supreme Court decision was subverted as a historical intervener in systemic access to equity in educational opportunity for African Americans. She also provides principles to promote successful academic achievement of African American children.


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