Journal Article: Framing African American students' success and failure in urban settings: A typology for change


Academic Achievement, Academic Failure, Blacks, Urban, Environments, Racial and Ethnic Differences, Schools


Lewis, Chance W.; James, Marlon; Hancock, Stephen; Hill-Jackson, Valerie


2008, Mar


Grounded in critical race theory, this article seeks to frame the ideological positions of success and failure for African American students in urban school settings. First, we revisit national data and research literature that illustrate the ongoing urban Black-White achievement gap. Second, the Matrix of Achievement Paradigms is shared in an attempt to advance the conversation on African American students' achievement. It provides a serviceable organizational tool for framing African American students' success and failure. Finally, we bridge rhetoric with practical ideas for stakeholders by providing recommendations for closing the achievement gap in urban settings. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2009 APA ) (journal abstract)


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