Journal Article: Pushing Past the Achievement Gap: An Essay on the Language of Deficit


Education, Student achievements, Equalization, Educational, School children/Social and economic status


Ladson-Billings, Gloria


2007, Summer


Part of a special issue celebrating the 75th anniversary of The Journal of Negro Education. There has been an intense focus on the achievement gap that exists between African American, Latino, and other students of color and their white counterparts, but this discourse keeps everyone locked in the deficit paradigm. The current concern with an achievement gap is substantive and semantic, does not take into account the other gaps that plague the lives of poor children of color, and suggests that children fail because the parents do not care, the children do not have enough experiences, the children are not ready for school, their families do not value education, and they are coming from a culture of poverty. It is time to challenge these inherent fallacies and place students' academic struggles in the larger context of social failure, including health, wealth, and funding gaps that impede their school success.


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