Journal Article: The Mean Is Not Enough: Using Quantile Regression to Examine Trends in Asian-White Differences Across the Entire Achievement Distribution


Education, Student achievements/High schools, Asian Americans/Education, Race differences, Whites, Mathematics/Achievements, Student, Reading/Achievements, Student


Konstantopoulos, Spyros


2009, May


A study investigated the achievement gap between Asian American and White students in the lower and upper tails of the academic achievement distribution to clarify whether the achievement gap between the two groups differs by achievement level. Data were obtained from four national probability samples of high school seniors to investigate Asian American-White differences in achievement from 1972 to 1992. Findings revealed that the Asian American-White gap is more evident in mathematics than in reading. Findings indicated that Asian American students are truly a model minority group that performs not only at similar levels but also at higher levels than the majority group, particularly among high achievers in mathematics.


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