Journal Article: Beyond Brown v. Board of Education: The Need to Remedy the Achievement Gap


Education, Legal, Discrimination in education/Suits and claims, Student selection/Suits and claims, Public schools/Desegregation/Suits and claims


Klein, Dora W.


2002, October


The achievement gap between black and white students, in existence despite Brown v. Board of Education, must be remedied. In general, desegregation decrees issued under the 1954 Brown v. Board of Education fail to adequately address disparate academic achievement. Today, as many desegregation cases come to an end, the ultimate goal of Brown v. Board of Education to create public schools that prepare all children to succeed in life may be best served by attempting to eliminate racial disparities in academic achievement rather than by seeking to create racially balanced schools. Of several strategies identified by research that schools can use to remedy an achievement gap between black and white students, a reduction in class size may be the most promising strategy.


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