Journal Article: White-Black achievement differences: The narrowing gap


Academic Achievement, Blacks, High School Students, Racial and, Ethnic Differences, Whites, College Entrance Examination Board, Scholastic Aptitude Test, Elementary School Students


Jones, Lyle V.


1984, Nov


Discusses findings from the National Assessment of Educational Progress and the College Entrance Examination Board that demonstrate consistent reductions during recent years in the size of average achievement differences between White and Black elementary and secondary school students. Societal changes that may have contributed to increasing the average achievement levels for Black students (e.g., desegregation) are examined, and it is noted that these trends are not necessarily due to the effects of educational and social programs designed toward this end. It is argued that the difference in enrollment levels for high school algebra and geometry courses between predominantly White schools and predominantly Black schools accounts for part of the average White-Black difference in 17-yr-olds' mathematics achievement scores. Further, if average enrollments in mathematics courses for Blacks became more similar to average enrollments for Whites, White-Black average mathematics achievement differences might be reduced further. (25 ref) (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2008 APA )


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