Journal Article: School counselors: Becoming key players in school reform


Counselor Role, Educational Reform, Role Expectations, School, Counseling, School Counselors, Equity (Social), School Learning, School Psychology


House, Reese M.; Hayes, Richard L.


2002, Apr


This article presents the view that school counselors must be proactive leaders who are effective collaborators in advocating for the success of all students. Closing the existing achievement gap between poor students and students of color and their more advantaged peers is the focused mission of schools today. School counselors need to be integral players in helping all students gain access to rigorous academic preparation that will lead to greater opportunity for all students. By helping students gain access to these rigorous courses, school counselors will promote equity for all students--especially those not currently served. Working in this way, school counselors will help those who have traditionally been the least served by schools become better prepared for the future. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2009 APA )


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