Journal Article: Stemming Racial and Ethnic Disparities in the Rising Tide of Obesity


Education, Obesity, Minorities/Health and hygiene, Health education/Curriculum, Curriculum development/Theories and principles, Minorities/United States


Hawks, Steven R.; Madanat, Hala N.


2003, March/April


A comprehensive population model for eliminating racial and ethnic disparities in obesity is presented. The model calls for a balance between downstream interventions, which emphasize the individual; midstream interventions, which have a community orientation; and upstream interventions, which address health problems at the broadest population level. These interventions should have well-defined objectives, clear theoretical foundations, and culturally appropriate methodologies. It is unlikely that the population at large, let alone those who are members of racial and ethnic groups, will experience a halt in the increasing rise of obesity without a comprehensive three-pronged approach such as this.


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