Journal Article: Bridging the Knowing and Doing Gap: The No Child Left Behind Act, Race, and Suburban School Districts


Education, Equalization, Educational, Suburban schools, No Child Left Behind Act of 2001


Griffith, Henry C., Sr.; Conrad, Timothy L.


2008, Fall


Details of how one suburban school district in Ohio has embraced the No Child Left Behind Act and embarked on several initiatives to meet its goals and to close the achievement gap between white and black students are provided. First, the district's top leadership dedicated itself to closing the achievement gap before committing others to the vision and a strong team was put in place to support leadership in making the changes necessary to transform the vision into reality. One of the preeminent voices in the area of diversity conducted seminars with teachers in an effort to change viewpoints so that teachers could embrace all of the children they teach. Then, Ronald Ferguson, a Harvard University, Massachusetts, researcher and national expert on the achievement gap introduced his Tripod survey, which has been used to help the district close its achievement gap.


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