Journal Article: Rethinking gender differences in literacy


Human Sex Differences, Literacy, Elementary School Students, High, School Students, Junior High School Students


Gambell, Trevor J.; Hunter, Darryl M.


1999, Win


Gender equity initiatives in schools, curricula, and resources, especially reading materials, are intended to resolve equity problems that have withheld opportunity for female students. However, recent literacy assessment in Canada and other part of the world reveal differential patterns in males' and females' achievement in reading and writing. Females outperform males in all areas of reading and writing at the elementary, middle, and secondary levels, and this literacy gap does not narrow or close with age. Males are disadvantaged in literacy by the time they complete high school. The authors categorize the explanations for differences in literacy among men and women under 5 headings: (1) evaluative bias, (2) home socialization, (3) role and societal expectations, (4) male psychology, and (5) equity policy. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2009 APA )


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