Book: The new meaning of educational change


Educational Change, Change Strategies, Educational Improvement, Systemic School Reform


Fullan, M.




Teachers College Press


This book has been greatly revised and expanded to make it a definitive up-to-date reference for educational innovators involved in educational reform. Sixteen chapters incorporate new theoretical and empirical knowledge about change processes, provide powerful insights into the complexity of reform, and recommend inspiring and practical strategies for lasting improvement: (1) "A Brief History of Educational Change"; (2) "Sources of Educational Change"; (3) "The Meaning of Educational Change"; (4) "The Causes and Processes of Initiation"; (5) "Causes/Processes of Implementation and Continuation"; (6) "Planning, Doing, and Coping with Change"; (7) "The Teacher"; (8) "The Principal"; (9) "The Student"; (10) "The District Administrator"; (11) "The Consultant"; (12) "The Parent and the Community"; (13) "Governments"; (14) "Professional Preparation of Teachers"; (15) "Professional Development of Educators"; and (16) "The Future of Educational Change." This book was written for individuals at all levels of the educational system. All key players will find a chapter on their own roles, as well as chapters on other roles and agencies with whom they must interact. The author contends that the "knowledge base" of change is becoming more profound, and that it is absolutely indispensable to all those who deal with the relentless ubiquity of innovation and reform.


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