Report: Effects of the implementation of Proposition 227 on the education of english learners, K-12



EDUCATION, sheltered english immersion, english as a Second Language, STUDENTS, english Language Learners


STATE:inquiry on equity in schooling


T. B. Parrish; A. Merickel; M. Perez ; R. Linquanti; M. Socias; A. Spain, ; C. Speroni; P. Esra ; L. Brock; D. Delancey


2006, 8/10/2009


American Institutes for Research and WestEd


“In June of 1998, Proposition 227 was passed by 61 percent of the California electorate. The initiative was intended to significantly alter the ways in which the state’s English learners are taught. Proposition 227 requires that English learners be taught ‘overwhelmingly in English’ through sheltered/structured English immersion programs during ‘a temporary transition period not normally intended to exceed one year,’ and then transferred to mainstream English-language classrooms. In 2000, the California Department of Education contracted with the American Institutes for Research and WestEd to conduct a five-year, legislatively mandated evaluation of the effects of Proposition 227 on the education of English learners. A combination of student achievement analyses, phone interviews, case study site visits, and written surveys was used to examine such questions as how the proposition was implemented, which English learner services are most and least effective, and what unintended consequences resulted from Proposition 227’s implementation.” This is the final report of the study and its findings and recommendations.


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