Journal Article: Parental care and intrusiveness as predictors of the abilities-achievement gap in adolescence


Education, Social Science, Dependency (Psychology)/Research, Attachment behavior, Ability and achievement/Research, Sex differences, Student achievements/Israel


Feldman, Ruth; Guttfreund, Daniel; Yerushalmi, Hannoch


1998, July


A study was conducted to examine the relationship between adolescents' perceptions of parental care and intrusiveness and the abilities-achievement gap. Data were drawn from 200 Israeli adolescents who self-reported representations of parental care and intrusiveness, externalizing symptoms, and internalizing symptoms. Results revealed that there was a larger gap between abilities and achievement in language and mathematics for boys than there was for girls and that this gap was accounted for by maternal intrusiveness, even when socioemotional symptoms, abilities, and maternal care were accounted for. However, there was no relationship between paternal representations and either abilities or achievement. These findings are discussed in terms of their relevance to cognitive and attachment perspectives on adolescent achievement.


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