Report: Has progress been made in raising achievement for English Language Learners?



EQUITY, outcomes, STUDENTS, english language learners, INSTRUCTION, assessment


STATE:inquiry on equity in schooling


Center on Education Policy,


2010, 4/9/2010


Center on Education Policy


"This report by the Center on Education Policy (CEP), an independent nonprofit organization, examines progress in raising achievement for English language learners. It also describes the factors thatmake it difficult to accurately assesswhat ELLs knowand can do.The data for this analysis were collected by CEP with technical support from the Human Resources Research Organization (HumRRO) and come from the state reading and mathematics tests used for NCLB accountability in all 50 states.The trends discussed in this report cover fewer years—2006 through 2008—than the trends in recent CEP reports on achievement for students as a whole and achievement gaps for student subgroups. This is because revised federal regulations for testing ELLs and determining their progress underNCLB became final in September 2006.We now have enough data in many states to establish a three-year trend line of test results for ELLs."


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