Journal Article: Rethinking the "Gap": High-Stakes Testing and Spanish-Speaking Students in Colorado


Education, Student achievements/Colorado, Testing programs/Colorado, Spanish speaking students, Bilingual education/Colorado


Escamilla, Kathy; Chavez, Lorretta; Vigil, Peter


2005, March/April


A study examined high-stakes testing and achievement in relation to Spanish-speaking students in Colorado. Data were obtained from the education department and school districts for school year 2001-2002, from 35 teachers in two districts, and from 14 elementary schools in one district. Findings showed that teachers and policymakers largely believed that an achievement gap existed between Spanish-speaking and other students and that language was problematic. However, the results of the Colorado Student Assessment Program indicated that Spanish speakers in English language acquisition/bilingual classrooms were among the top performing students in their schools. Further findings are presented, and the implications of the study are discussed.


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