Journal Article: Review of <i>Black American students in an affluent suburb: A study of academic disengagement</i>


Academic Achievement, Racial and Ethnic Differences, Blacks, High, School Students, Whites


Drain, J. Denise


2005, Sum


Reviews the book, Black American students in an affluent suburb: A study of academic disengagement by J. U. Ogbu (see record 2003-04692-000). The purpose of this book is to report findings of a research project that investigated the achievement gap between African American and White students in the community of Shaker Heights, OH. The topic of the racial achievement gap is quite current and interesting to many school administrators, government agencies, and community leaders. The study was prompted by community reaction to a 1997 article published in the local high school newspaper, The Shakerite, which described an achievement gap between the school performance of Black students and White students. The book is divided into four parts. Part One includes three chapters that describe the problems and review the conventional explanations. Part Two includes five chapters in which the findings are presented. Part Three includes four chapters that examine community factors such as the educational impact of opportunity structure, collective identity, cultural and language (or dialect) frame of reference, and peer pressures and the role of family. Part Four consists of two chapters that focus on the findings on community forces and recommendations for the future. This book is organized in a logical manner. It was initially intended for the community of Shaker Heights, but is valuable to other communities with similar problems and would be valuable to researchers in the field of multicultural education or those interested in the achievement gap. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2009 APA )


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