Journal Article: Closing the gap through professional development: Implications for reading research


Education, Reading/Teacher education in service, Educational research/Aims and objectives, Reading/Research, National Urban Alliance for Effective Education


Doubek, Michael Brandon; Cooper, Eric J.


2007, July/August/September


Part of a special section on defining, identifying, and addressing the literacy achievement gap. The work of the National Urban Alliance for Effective Education, a nonprofit advocacy organization that engages with school communities through professional development to build relationships with all stakeholders, suggests it is important to examine current research in reading in order to examine the fundamental question of closing the achievement gap across subject areas. Research should consider the role of leadership in the reading program, highlight schools that employ successful reading interventions and that emphasize students' strengths over weaknesses, investigate preparation programs for teachers of reading, consider the depth and complexity of current curricula, consider how transfer might occur to improve achievement in other disciplines, and relate implications for how and why certain texts are chosen.


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