Journal Article: Family Must Be a Part of the Solution in Closing the Achievement Gap


FAMILIES -- Research, PARENT & child, STUDENTS -- Social conditions, ACADEMIC achievement, SOCIAL status, EDUCATIONAL programs, YEAR-round schools, EDUCATION -- Parent participation, VON Hippel, Paul T.


Darling, Sharon




Heldref Publications


The article focuses on the study which examines the role of the family in closing the achievement gap of students. Some people believe that creating more school programs that separate low-income children form their parents would solve problems that students may have. According to the study released by Paul Von Hippel, students in year-round schools do not learn more than their peers in traditional nine-month schools. The research also shows that parental involvement has made a positive impact on children's reading acquisition, no matter what their families' socioeconomic status. It is noted that some parents need a few tools to help them maximize their children's education, while others who struggle with literacy problems of their own need more intensive services.


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