Journal Article: The Diverse Experiences of Hispanic Students in the American Educational System


HISPANIC Americans, ETHNIC groups, ETHNOLOGY -- United States, LATIN Americans -- United States, EDUCATION -- United States, STUDENTS, HIGH school students, DEMOGRAPHIC surveys, EDUCATION -- Research, UNITED States, add health, education, hispanics, school context


Crosnoe, Robert




Blackwell Publishing Limited


Hispanic students have long been considered at risk in the American educational system. A better understanding of the diverse experiences of Hispanics can help to counteract this riskā€”in what ways, and where, do they do well or poorly or some mixture of both? To further this understanding, this study applies developmental and demographic perspectives to a representative sample of Hispanic high school students. First, analyses of the sample identified four student profiles based on various indicators of academic achievement and school orientation: (1) low-achieving and weakly oriented, (2) low-achieving and strongly oriented, (3) high-achieving and moderately oriented, (4) high achieving and strongly oriented. Second, compositional analyses mapped these profiles onto different segments of the Hispanic population and different sectors of the American educational system. [ABSTRACT FROM AUTHOR]
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